Poppin' 2.0

Poppin' 2.0

Summer Sorbets & Sparkle

Our new collection experiments with Isharya Iconics dipped in experimental shades of signature Isharya colored plating. Each hue evokes a visual burst with arresting CZ, mirror details and larger than life silhouettes.


A hue that celebrates life

Pop Colours

There’s a sense of escapism in the colors.

Rain pink, for instance, stands for exotic locations while creating whimsy.

On the other hand, parakeet green creates a desire for new, fresh beginnings.

Elsewhere, you’ll find electric blues embodying positivity and upliftment.

Bright here, bright now 

Reminiscent of blissful childhood summers, Poppin’ 2.0 delves into fond memories — vivid and saccharine.

Find sorbet brights and sparkle at every step, with familiar shades of Rani Pink, Parakeet Green, and Aqua Blue.

A symbol of new beginning

Each creation is a great pick-me-up, and it’s not something you have to wait to go to a party to wear – it’s something you can wear to make yourself feel great on any day! 

Extravagance, unloaded