Sugar, Spice and everything nice

This season at Isharya, we started by asking a simple question: “How can jewels evoke joy?”

To answer this inquiry, we melded some of the most-loved classics with candy brights and designs that will raise your spirits for the holiday season.

The result: A line-up of jewels that are confident, colorful, and unabashedly maximalist. 

An outlet for opulence and self-expression, our latest collection Poppin‘ embodies a nostalgic, cheerful spirit where jewels are loud, proud, bright, and bold.

From Rani pink that will remind you of bougainvillea trees to zesty parakeets and aqua, this collection is an ode to welcoming back glamour into your lives.

The vivacious hues come to life with a fusion of icy CZ crystals, Isharya’spolki-cut mirrors, and our signature color plating. Each creation is a great pick-me-up, and it’s not something you have to wait to go to a party to wear – it’s something you can wear to make yourself feel great on any day! 

Pop Colours

There’s a sense of escapism in the colors.

Rain pink, for instance, stands for exotic locations while creating whimsy.

On the other hand, parakeet green creates a desire for new, fresh beginnings.

Elsewhere, you’ll find electric blues embodying positivity and upliftment.