Simply charming: Your definitive style guide to wearing charms

Simply charming: Your definitive style guide to wearing charms

From Elizabeth Taylor’s girly charm bracelet to Gigi Hadid’s evil eye necklace 

After looking back at some treasure trove of inspiration, some from the distant past and others of Gen-Z tastemakers, we unraveled all manner of gorgeous jewels: stacked letters that send out a message for social good, childlike motifs that take you on trip down memory lane, and statement trinkets that look so ladylike.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorites and learn how you can recreate these looks from Isharya’s newest launch: Legend Has It!


Dreamboat Elizabeth Taylor’s love affair with jewelry is as popular as her cinematic legacy. This charm bracelet became synonymous with some of her golden mementos. Some of the most popular charms in this bracelet were the lockets engraved with the names of Elizabeth’s children.

Recreate this look with: Isharya’s Cupid Heart & Arrow Bracelet from Legend Has It.


The fascination with Princess D didn’t just end in her personal life—it extended to her fashion as well. This charm bracelet is an artful balance between both. It was a wedding gift from her then-husband Prince Charles. And, on each year of their anniversary, he gave the princess a new charm. One of the charms was a miniature of St Paul’s Cathedral, where they got married.

Recreate this look with: Isharya’s Mini Charm Bolo Bracelet.


Former FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s jewelry created quite a stir at the Democratic National Convention in 2020. All because of her custom-made charm necklace that spelled out ‘Vote’.

Recreate this look with: Isharya’s Chain-link Charm Necklace & the Hope Charm.


Supermodel Gigi Hadid has been spotted in Evil Eye necklaces many times. It is a common talisman in the Middle Eastern and Greek cultures. It’s worn for its ability to protect its wearer from negativity.

Recreate this look with: Isharya’s Eye of Ra Evil Eye Charm from Legend Has It.


One of Dua Lipa’s favorite necklace is an uber playful take on charm jewelry. A vibrant, childlike style made with a rainbow charm and a pendant bearing the face of her dog, it shows her love for bold accessories.

Recreate this look with: Isharya’s Unicorn Horn Charm from Legend Has It.