Regencycore Jewels Are All The Rage, Courtesy of ‘Queen Charlotte’

Here’s how can make your Georgian jewelry fantasy come true.
In the Netflix hit show ‘Bridgerton’, Queen Charlotte became a cherished character, thanks to her love for gossip, colossal wigs and incredible jewels to match the matriarch. So recently, Netflix released a prequel series called ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’. The show tells the tale of young Charlotte (played by India Amarteifio) as she begins her rise to power. However, dear readers, there’s more to the show than just coronations and royal weddings. There are also the royalty-inspired jewels. Which means there’s lots of jewelry inspiration coming your way. And, here are three of our trend takeaways to help you get started.

Pair your fit with eye-catching earrings


The jewels during the Regency era were all about modesty and good taste.
But, never without a great pair of earrings. To be the belle of the ball, wear your favorite corset and adorn your ears with a gorgeous pair of drop earrings. And, finish the look with a with a matching necklace.

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They are considered classic for a reason


If Queen Charlotte is the standard, then pearls are the rule.
They’re effortless, feminine and exude natural beauty. From earrings to necklaces, everything pearls was de rigueur during the Georgian era (circa 1840 - 1714).

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Make it the focal point for any outfit


Complimenting the scooped necklines and empire waistlines, pendant necklaces were the most ubiquitous accessory in ‘Queen Charlotte’.
Whether it’s monochromatic or eye-catching stones, you can’t go wrong with a great pendant necklace.

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