How To Hack Your Stack With I For Isharya

How To Hack Your Stack With I For Isharya

ICYMI: I For Isharya is the latest addition to the world of quirky, fun jewelry from the House of Isharya. Think beyond basic jewelry staples to level up your every look. They’re stackable, do-it-all and ultra-chic to win you all the style points in reel and real life – no matter your style aesthetic. The collection promises to effortlessly style you, whether it’s adding to your wrist stack or simply a last-minute addition to accentuate your fits. These trusty pieces will take you from AM to PM and more importantly see you through seasons, wardrobes and occasions. These are the pieces that your jewelry layering game has been missing. So, below we give you a step-by-step guide to hack your stack with your new favourites in the making. Read on…

Step 1: Pick A Base

Like any other outfit layering hack, it’s important to build a firm foundation when starting. Same with jewelry stacking. Pick a piece that will act like the trusty white tee of your bijoux box. What we mean is, go for a classic metallic piece like a gold hoop earring or a silver cuff and build your stack from there. Pro tip: don’t be afraid to mix your metals. 

Step 2: Time For Embellishments

Now, get experimenting with colours, shapes and sizes. Choose from juicy enamel pieces, daring abstract designs and quirky animal-inspired styles. Most importantly, opt for a statement piece that makes you, uniquely you – anything bold that stands out to you from the collection. Wear it all together, make a few adjustments and move on to the next step.

Step 3: Take One Thing Off

Always take one thing off, in the end, to make your stack more luxe than lax. It could be an extra colour or texture that’s adding too much drama or a piece that simply doesn’t belong – it’s really up to you. And then, just like that, you’ll have achieved the stack of your dreams. Congratulations, you’ve now mastered the art that’s jewelry layering.