Charms Jewelry: The Meaning & Magic Behind Them

In the world of charm jewelry, each piece is meaningful, and often sentimental—like the jewelry equivalent of a scrapbook, charms are collected as wearable memories that can be added to necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Below, our favorites from PLAY! By Isharya.

Blessings All-Around:

The Four Leaf Clover

Scholars who believe in the power of the four leaf clover symbolise each leaf with a specific good omen, i.e. faith, hope, love and luck. The green in the leaf especially defines renewal, resurrection (of happy times) and an overall good health to the finder.

Due to its highly positive vibrations, when utilized as a charm, it has the potential to bring prosperity in the wearer’s life.

Manifest Your Dreams:

The Star Charm

Catch all your dreams by the well-wishing star! A symbol to depict the fallen angels
who guard us and guide us through life, stars are known to be our path towards the meaning of our existence.

PLAY! By Isharya incorporates the star symbol as a charm to be utilized to its full potential by pairing it with other cosmic symbols as a layered necklace or bracelet, perfect for gifting as a rakhi.

Warding Off the Wicked:

The Evil Eye

The evil eye is a powerful charm to use as a jewelry to keep the positive flow of spirituality intact. The crux of the symbol lies in shielding oneself from jealousy, and its colors balance the negative energies with the serene and calm blues.

The evil eye charms in PLAY! takes cues from the ancient Egyptian renditions of the evil eye charms, designed in bold blue, black and 18k gold plated color scheme.

Sky Blue Knot Bracelet - Isharya | Modern Indian Jewelry
Hand of the God:

The Hamsa Charm

The charm also contains an eye symbol, a talisman against the evil eye, thus increasing the benefits of the overall charm when worn as jewelry.

Keep the hand upright or downwards, Isharya’s Hamsa Charm is a versatile piece, which can be worn as a bracelet or a necklace to bring good fortune.

Fun & Quirky:

The Eye Roll Charm

A cheeky take on the eye roll emoji,
the eye roll is made with the colorful flair of the rainbow.

A great way to wear your jewelry with personality, it’s designed to be mixed ‘n matched.

All you have to do is take your pick.

Holy & Powerful: The Trishul Charm

Inspired from the divine weapon held by Lord Shiva, the Trishul Charm from PLAY! by Isharya focuses on the protection powers it provides.

Creation of beauty, maintenance of the earth and
destruction of evil is wielded by this symbol.

Embrace all things positive and empowering with this charm!

The Absolute Cosmic Vibration: The Om Charm

Known to have the origins of all
things in the universe, the vibration of Om holds the key to spiritual awakening. Even the physical form of the Om represents the three dimensions through its curves, namely the physical, mental and spiritual. PLAY! represents the cosmic power of Om through a blue 18k gold plated charm to be worn amongst
a stack of bracelets. Pair it with other divine symbols to amplify its vibrations.


The mantra charms in PLAY! Focus on the different qualities of each charm. Spiritual strength, peaceful soul, blessings and mystic signs from the divine are engraved in 18k gold plated charms, strung in a bracelet to be donned for all things divine. 

Bring serenity to your soul with ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ Soul Mantra Charm. The mantra reminds us to spend time
with ourselves and understand our inner being. The vibrations are an articulation of our deepest conscience. 

Stack it up to increase the cosmic energy with the Bless Mantra Charm inscribed with the Gayatri Mantra, a sanskrit chant known to bring success and stability in one’s life. The mantra in itself is said to appreciate the divine power of the Sun and its miraculous nature.

Add strength to overcome your challenges with the Hanuman Chalisa Mantra inscribed on our Strength Mantra Charm Bracelet. The complete chant is known to build trust (similar to how Hanuman has on Lord Ram) and believing in yourself to be courageous.

The Lotus Sutra (Nam Myoho Renge Kyo) empowers one to stay positive through the course of life. It reminds us to be grateful of our consciousness and to enjoy the little things in life. Wear the Mystic Mantra Charm as a grateful gesture or pair them with other mantra charms to add a stylish yet spiritual outlook.

Call the Love With Wheel Charms

The wheel charms are inspired from the Buddhist prayer wheels known for good karma. The Rainbow Wheel Charm brings in all the colors of the rainbow together. As one, the colors unite to symbolize white, which in no doubt is the symbol of purity and awakening.

Similarly, the Color Wheel Charm stands for the beauty found in the many hues of life. The Divine Wheel Charm features the all-powerful ‘om’ in its design.

And, the Eye Bolt Charm is inscribed with our all-time favorite — the evil eye motif.

PLAY! incorporates the positivity of the spectrum in bolo bracelets and charms to enliven the wholesome aura of the
rainbow wheel.

 Share the bond of the siblings with this collection, gift it or buy it for yourself with PLAY!

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