Why We’re Obsessed With Emerald Green For The Wedding Season

The shade emerald, symbolizing rebirth, is believed to bring good fortune and youth to the wearer. Legend has it that Cleopatra gifted emeralds to visiting dignitaries. Once favored by Indian royalty, jewels in lush green shades, have adorned historical figures and graced modern red carpets. It looks whimsical and suggests healing metaphysical powers, including future-telling.
Here are three reasons why you should invest in emerald-colored jewels for weddings. Plus, a selection to help you get started.

It’s Bollywood Approved

Emerald-colored jewels are perfect for big fat Indian weddings. Get inspired by Kiara Advani’s wedding and reception looks and pick a necklace in lush green hues that symbolize prosperity. What’s more? It styles seamlessly with all kinds of bridal looks, whether you’re wearing soft pastels or a classic red.

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Sultana Green Quartz Choker Necklace

Make It Meaningful

In Indian culture, green is associated with growth, harmony, and new beginnings. Emerald-colored jewels, with their deep and vibrant shades, symbolize the auspicious nature of weddings, making them an ideal choice to enhance the ceremonial significance of the occasion.

B-dazzle Green Crystal Studs

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Enter Your Queen Era

Who knew that emerald green jewels are royalty-approved? Queen Elizabeth II is often seen wearing emerald pieces, like the Vladimir Tiara. OTT series like The Crown also depicts Queen Elizabeth II, portrayed by Claire Foy and Olivia Colman, wearing emerald green jewels on various occasions. The show’s attention to historical accuracy showcases the Queen donning emerald pieces, such as brooches and earrings, as part of her royal uniform.

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