Inside Isharya’s

New Flagship in Bengaluru

With an evocative lighting structure & bespoke wallpaper across the store, our Bengaluru outpost is an artistic multiverse designed to indulge in the best modern Indian jewelry.
At Isharya, we believe that a store isn’t just a place to shop — it’s an extension of our brand personality. A design destination in its own right — our newest flagship store in Bengaluru, realized with the help of a close friend of the brand and designer Tejal Mathur, lets the jewelry do the talking.
The vision is simple: to elevate the shopping experience each season with fresh ideas, new product lines, and Isharya’s timeless yet contemporary design language.

A Jewelry Paradise 

The store is located in Bengaluru’s prime shopping district Lavelle Road. Currently, it offers a selection of our hot-selling Modern Maharani collections, including a preview of the fifth and latest one, along with youthful, color-centric pieces from Bright Young Things and Poppin’. There is something for every kind of jewelry lover with 18-karat gold and signature Isharya colored plating, hand-cut mirrors, resins, enamel, semi-precious stones, and more.

A Second-to-None Space

The pieces celebrate bold hues and artisanal techniques reimagined for new-age customers. The interiors aim to create an oasis of beauty with a ceiling clad with mirrors — an Isharya signature — to give it an infinite, voluminous effect. The clean lime plaster walls exude minimalism and let the exquisite jewels shine through.

Elsewhere, there’s a terraced dune-like structure that’s finished with crushed stone dust and mica for that little glitter, which echoes Isharya’s philosophy — ‘You are Born to Sparkle’. The dune-like structure embodies a softness against the newly-launched bejeweled color-pop clutch bags — the real showstoppers of the space.

Subliminal Intersections

Every corner of the store is filled with exquisite details. As you enter, a strong monolithic table in black greets you as several black cuboids hold the ear and neckpieces. The delicate balance of nature’s rawness and finely-crafted gold-plated jewels and faceted stones brings to mind the imagery of freshly-mined mineral ore. The contrasting textures make for a picturesque composition.

The evocative lighting structure, which suspends from the store ceiling at the center of the room, is inspired by lava rocks marking the geological genesis of gold. At another glimpse, a bespoke wallpaper depicting a local jewelry market with colonnades and arches juxtaposes with an otherwise contemporary space. Decidedly so, the store is an eclectic potpourri of several inspirations.

All Things New & Exciting

Ultimately, the store is an ode to the women who make our community. They are self-assured, confident, and unapologetic in their ambition. And, they’ve inspired us to foray into the fine jewelry sector with a line of silver pieces set to launch in the fall of 2023.
What can you expect? High-end designs decorated to perfection with novel materials in artisanal settings, elevating our luxury universe. As for new cities on Isharya’s radar, there are big surprises in the pipeline. Stay tuned!


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