3 Things To Add To Your Daily Routine In The #NewNormal

3 Things To Add To Your Daily Routine In The #NewNormal

“What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare” these words by W.H. Davis have never resonated more with millions of us during this pandemic; ushering us away from the constant bustle, to a space where for the first time in years we found indispensable time for ourselves. We all found new routines and began defining the new normal, at the heart of which feeling good felt very crucial. We reflected and introspected to re-defining our core and most importantly how we can continue to persevere through these trying times. Here are a few tried and tested things to do to help you in that process.

1.    Mindfulness

With our limited social interactions, it is easy for us to feel overwhelmed with constant influx of news and media coupled with living in close quarters with your loved ones, one cannot seem to take out any personal time. We recommend one hour of exercising mindfulness every day. From yoga to a hot cup of coffee while reading your favorite book, taking time out for yourself now is as important as it was earlier.

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2.   Digital Cleanse

Account for your screen time as you’d account for your jewelry collection. Every moment spent on it is valuable and you only deserve to be seeing the best. Edit your social media presence to a space that only makes you feel good physically, emotionally and mentally. Follow pages that inspire you and help build back aspirations to the time when we start heading back into the world again.

For the editor-in-chief you know you’ve always been

3.   Journaling

Words spoken and written have never been more impactful and the beauty of this is you are allowed to express yourself in every way possible. Journaling will not only help you de-clutter your mind but also bring you closer to the person you’ve always wanted to be. Channel your inner Toni Morrison in this process and let your thoughts shape your present and your future.

While the words runneth over on paper let your hands compliment the mood