Color me happy

Our hand picked curation for every shade of spring!
Vivid Blues

A vibrant, striking tone that inspires new hope. It will remind you of tropical waters and an escape to a cheerful, happy life.

Keen on green

A refreshing and revitalizing shade that evokes the first days of spring.
Green is symbolic of reviving, restoring, and renewing nature. It encourages you to step into the great outdoors. 

Dream in color

This season, less is a bore. Transform your hand into an artistic canvas by stacking the rings in multiple hues.

Viva Magenta!

The bold pink reflects the global zeitgeist. An exuberating color that pulses through a joyous and optimistic celebration.
It defines a new narrative for the new season— it’s brave, fearless, and empowering.

Stay Golden

Gold is multifaceted: It denotes generosity and compassion and is synonymous with divinity.

Go big or go chrome

Spotlighting the extra-terrestrial shade that’s taking over fashion weeks, rhodium-plated jewels are the new ‘it-thing’.